When you go through a major life change, regardless of what the change is, it is important to have the support of family and those you love around you. Depending on the change, the support might come automatically, without hesitation, while at other times, asking for support might seem like a frightening thing to do. Almost, more frightening than the actual change that is about to come. Depending on your family, asking for support might not even be an option, forcing you to go through the life change alone. Having the love and support from family is especially important for those who are going to have bariatric surgery, as their love and support will aid in the overall recovery after surgery.

There are benefits to including your family in your surgery support team. Firstly, you are giving them a sense of value in your life and appreciation. Additionally, by taking the necessary steps towards making a positive change in your life, you are giving others in your life the opportunity to make positive changes in their life as well. Your family will have the opportunity to learn more about weight loss surgery, gain a better understanding of what is involved and how it works, and possibly instill a desire in other family members to look into weight loss surgery for themselves.

When asking for your family’s support, it is recommended to be specific about how you would like them to help and be supportive. For example, ask a sibling to hold you accountable for your preoperative and postoperative diet. Another family member could be tasked with keeping you active and providing motivation to work out and eat health. Having specific support from family can make the process easier, and you know that you’ll be able to count on them for help during the emotional struggles, as well as the triumphs.

Your family will be your biggest support group before and after bariatric surgery. Having them on your side from the start will make the process easier for you. Who knows, by having the courage to make the change in yourself, you could potentially be inspiring other family members to make the same change in their life!

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