Need Healthy Eating Habits For Your Family?

After having weight loss surgery, it’s important to continue healthy eating habits. Sometimes it’s a struggle to get your family on board with healthy eating habits as well. Here are our tips to get your family to adopt healthy eating habits and continue to support you on your weight loss journey.

  1. Take it slow: Don’t push for your family to make major changes in their eating habits all at once. Slowly ease them into it with small and straightforward habits. Slowly replace bad eating habits with healthy ones.
  2. Be Positive: The best way to get your family motivated is to make eating healthy a positive experience.
  3. Out with the bad, in with the good: If unhealthy foods are not around they are no longer a temptation. Replace unhealthy foods with healthy fruits and vegetables that are in plain sight, and easily accessible. This will serve as a reminder to grab a healthy snack instead of unhealthy options.
  4. Get everyone involved: When going grocery shopping, include the whole family. Let family members select healthy foods that they like so that they feel as though they are contributing. Don’t stop with grocery shopping. Invite family members to help make dinner, make it an enjoyable experience by preparing it together. When they see it’s fun to cook healthy foods, they’ll start viewing it as a positive activity.
  5. Dare to try new things: Making new foods to eat can often pose a challenge, especially for younger children. New foods result in at least one family member refusing to eat it. In fact, they’ll believe it to be “gross”. The best response is to ask them to at least try it and see if they like it. After giving new foods a try, they end up loving it!

Here Are Some Alternatives for Healthy Eating Habits

  1. Create Healthy alternatives: If you or your family enjoy eating pasta dishes, pizza, and other such meals, use healthier alternative ingredients. Examples include whole grain pasta so that you can continue to enjoy your favorite meals, only a healthier version!
  2. Cook with Flavor: Cooking healthy meals generally means that you are including lots of vegetables, lean meats, and healthy carbohydrates and fats into your diet. Some of these foods can taste very bland on their own if not seasoned. Utilize fresh seasonings, sauces, cooking on a grill; focus on the flavor and you’ll be able to turn a bland dish into something quite delightful!
  3. Shop produce first: When grocery shopping, hit up the produce section first. Train your brain to focus on meal planning and eating foods revolving around fresh fruits and vegetables. After, you can wander the store and find the necessary healthy foods that complement your selection.
  4. Read Nutrition Labels: Nutrition labels contain important information about your food. The information that can be found on a nutrition label includes fat, protein, carbs, saturated fat, sodium, sugar, fiber and more! Knowing how to read and understand nutrition labels provides a great road map to proper nutrition and a healthy diet.
  5. Educate: The best way to implement changes in one’s diet is to educate them on the importance of eating different vitamins and the important role that they play in helping our bodies to function properly. Learn how important healthy eating habits are and all the benefits that come along with it. Education allows for individuals to feel empowered and gives them an ownership over their health.


Adopting a healthy diet is possible for the whole family after weight loss surgery in Mexico. Having a support system, you’ll be able to see the positive changes in not only your health but your whole families. Start adopting a healthy diet today, and enjoy all the benefits for a lifetime!