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The Lourdes Surgical Center is a trusted partner in weight loss surgery in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico. The weight loss surgical center is located in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico which is located right along the U.S/Mexico border. The surgery center is located a short 5-7 minute drive away from the U.S. Consulate. From there, it is a short 10-minute drive from the United States Border crossing. Safety is of the utmost concern. The Lourdes Surgical Center has 24-hour security around the facility.

During your stay, your guest can enjoy exploring the area conveniently located within new residential and commercial developments. The weight loss surgical center is located one mile from upscale residential areas, a golf course, and numerous restaurants and entertainment. Located across from the U.S. Consulate is the largest shopping mall in Ciudad Juarez. The mall can be accessed from a short 10-minute drive from the surgical center.



Our mission is to make elective weight loss surgery affordable to anyone who can benefit from it.

We do this by linking patients with trusted health providers outside the United States who perform quality medical procedures at significantly lower prices.



The next images are actual photos of the Lourdes Surgery Center facilities. If you want to see more you can take the 360° tour.

STAR MEDICA  Surgical Center

The newer facility in Juarez, Mexico is the official hospital of the U.S. Embassy in for their employees in Juarez. The hospital contains high-quality medical equipment it’s medical screening process is very strict for each doctor practicing in the facility. The screening process includes a requirement each doctor is board certified.

This full-service hospital has a blood bank, laboratory, ICU, four cafeterias/eateries for guests, emergency center, and wireless internet.

Our surgeons require you to stay in the hospital during your full stay. Within the first 8-14 hours is when all major complications occur. Your care is the highest priority for our surgeons and they refuse to compromise that care.

The nature of the surgery requires keeping you in the hospital for your personal health and safety. Additionally, most guests are more comfortable and less anxious when they are at the hospital with you as you recover. This means that instead of your traveling companion being in charge of caring for you, it is our trained and highly capable doctors and hospital staff.

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Weight loss surgery can lead to a new fuller life. Having one is easier and safer than you might think.


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